Recorded Webinars

On the first Tuesday of every month Percepio’s Senior Field Applications Engineer Kristoffer Martinsson discusses common runtime issues in embedded software, demonstrates how to debug them and provides tips on how to design code to avoid them. Each presentation is followed by an open Q&A session where Kristoffer will answer participants’ questions on embedded software design and debugging.

Webinars are recorded and available here to watch on demand.

Each webinar is approximately 45 minutes long, including the Q&A, and registration is free.


In this session, we talked about how you can analyze an application’s runtime behavior using User Events in Percepio’s visual tracing tool Tracealyzer.


In this session, we presented the newly released Zephyr RTOS support in Percepio’s visual tracing tool Tracealyzer. Tracealyzer support is easily accessible as a configuration option when setting up a Zephyr project.


In this session, we discussed ways to use Tracealyzer to verify task timing and scheduling.


In this session we cover what is needed for using Tracealyzer with Azure RTOS ThreadX. We configure a project that includes our trace recorder library and run a live demo of streaming trace in ThreadX.

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