Good development methods and rigorous testing can eliminate most software bugs from an IoT device, but experience has shown that some bugs will remain. So you need to have a strategy for dealing with bug reports from your users once you start shipping the product.

Join Percepio and Cypress for a webinar on Thursday 17 September at 9am PST (18.00 CEST) where we present one such strategy. It combines the inherent ability of IoT devices to “phone home” and report errors with Percepio’s tools DevAlert and Tracealyzer which provide important context and simplify debugging.

“In system testing, you test the fully integrated system using test cases based on initial requirements. The effectiveness of this depends on how close your test cases mirror real world usage; after all, your customers may have totally different ideas about how to use your product,” says Percepio CEO Johan Kraft.

Johan will present during the webinar, showcasing an application we have built for the new Cypress PSoC 64 Secure MCU and connected to AWS IoT Cloud.

More information and registration here.