Trace Exporter for On Time RTOS-32

The purpose of the Trace Exporter tool is to export the trace data from the On Time RTOS-32 Kernel Tracer to the Tracealyzer application. The Trace Exporter creates an XML file which can be opened in Tracealyzer for On Time RTOS-32. The Trace Exporter is delivered in C source code and needs to be included in your embedded application.

Trace Exporter System Overview

Note that Percepio’s Trace Exporter is only a data converter, not a monitoring solution/recorder. It only runs momentarily, when the export function is explicitly called. The actual monitoring is done by the standard Kernel Tracer of On Time RTOS-32, provided by On Time Systems. The resulting XML file must be manually transferred from the target system to the host PC.


  • The required On Time RTOS-32 components are RTTarget-32 and RTKernel-32.
  • The Debug-version kernel of RTOS-32, where the Kernel Tracer is active.
  • Make sure that RF_TRACE_TIME_NS or RF_TRACE_TIME_US is set in RTKConfig.Flags.


1) Add “trcExport.c” in your build project.

2) Include the header file “trcExport.h” in your source code.

3) When you like to generate the trace file:

3 a) Stop the Kernel Tracer by calling RTKStopTracing, an API function of the On Time RTOS-32 Kernel Tracer.

3 b) Call vTracealyzerExport(“filename.xml”), which is found in trcExport.c.

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