Getting Started with DevAlert

To get started with Percepio DevAlert, refer to the DevAlert Getting Started Guide (PDF).

The guide explains step by step how to set up DevAlert for monitoring local devices connected using serial port connections. This is useful as an initial setup for getting started with DevAlert and is also applicable for monitoring system testing on multiple devices in a test lab. The guide works for any development board and you don’t need any connectivity in the device, other than a serial port. No cloud-side integration is required.

DevAlert evaluation setup using the serial portThe guide describes DevAlert version 2.0, released in November 2023, including support for remote core dump debugging. Tracealyzer support in DevAlert is also covered. The guide can be applied to any embedded processor but we recommend using an Arm Cortex-M device, as the new core dump support is only provided for Arm Cortex-M at the moment. The guide also covers how to integrate DevAlert with STM32CubeIDE for remote core dump debugging.

Feel free to contact in case you have questions, feedback or need assistance.