Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions shall apply to all sales through Percepio AB and will exclude application of any deviating general or specific conditions or terms of buyer. No waiver or modification of these Conditions of Sale shall be binding upon Percepio AB, unless approved in writing by an authorized representative of Percepio AB.

Value Added Tax

Every product is shown excluding tax. Percepio AB is based in Sweden and within Sweden the VAT is 25 %. If you are located within the European Union, please provide your VAT ID or we will need to charge you 25 % VAT. Outside EU no VAT is applied. If you are purchasing online using the Percepio® Store, you are formally purchasing from our e-commerce partner FastSpring, which handles the VAT automatically. FastSpring is based in California, USA.


The delivery is electronic. No physical product is shipped. If your are purchasing online through the Percepio Store, you will receive an e-mail with your license key directly after your order.

Guarantees and Services

We work hard to provide a high quality product. However, the software is being delivered to you AS IS and Percepio AB (or partners of Percepio AB) makes no warranty as to its use or performance. Read more in the End User License Agreement, which is shown when starting the software for the first time. This can also be found in the application installation directory, in the “content” folder.

Support and Maintenance

A maintenance plan including e-mail support and minor revision updates (i.e., within version 3.x) is included when purchasing a Tracealyzer license. For permanent license keys, the maintenance plan is limited to one year, but can be extended by purchasing a maintenance plan extension. For subscription licenses, the maintenance plan is included as long as the subscription is active.

Privacy Policy

See the privacy policy page.

Force Majeure

Percepio AB is not liable for any non-performance caused by circumstances beyond our control, which directly or indirectly prevents, obstructs or renders production, delivery or freight uneconomical until such obstacle has been removed (force majeure). Such circumstances shall be deemed to include difficulties to procure raw materials as well as other difficulties and disturbances, including but not limited to war, riot, labor conflicts, fire, flood, storm, accident, fuel or power shortages, transportation shortages, obstacles or interruptions regarding transportation at sea and breakdowns or interruptions of any kind as regards to our equipment or facilities, which are deemed necessary for the performance of our agreements’ obligations.