Percepio Presents Painless Multithreading Talk at the Embedded Online Conference

May 4, 2021 |

Dr. Johan Kraft's Talk

  • Robust Software Design Necessary for Multithreaded Software

  • Visual Trace Diagnostics Can Assist in Design Verification

Västerås, Sweden, 4 May 2021 * * * Percepio® CEO Dr. Johan Kraft will present a selection of best practices in multithreaded embedded software design at the upcoming Embedded Online Conference, 17–20 May. Dr. Kraft will also discuss the concept of visual trace diagnostics and demonstrate how it can be used to analyze multithreaded software design in order to improve system performance and reliability.

“Developing reliable real-time applications is easier said than done, and you benefit tremendously from a solid software design. While a multithreaded RTOS makes it easier to develop more advanced applications, multithreading brings new challenges in software design, verification and debugging – challenges that are often not apparent in the source code,” said Dr. Johan Kraft.

Embedded Online Conference is a virtual conference that runs from Monday 17 May to Thursday 20 May, with currently about 30 talks scheduled and more than 1,000 paying attendees. Dr. Kraft’s presentation, Painless Multithreading: How to Verify RTOS Best Practices in Runtime, takes place on 19 May at 9am (EDT), followed by a live Q&A session.

Keynote speakers are embedded industry legend Jack Ganssle, who will be marking the 50th anniversary of the microprocessor in his address, and Steve Scandore, whose much- anticipated talk will focus on the crucial role of flight software in the Mars Perseverance project. Featuring prominently on the conference agenda, visual trace diagnostics will also be the subject of a hands-on demonstration by MAB Labs founder Mohammed Billoo, who will be illustrating how the time to identify anomalies in a Linux-based implementation can be significantly reduced by leveraging Percepio Tracealyzer’s intuitive data visualization powers.

To learn from these and many other industry experts, register for a conference pass here; all presentations will remain available for registered attendants to watch on demand for one year after the conference.

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