(This answer is only applicable for Percepio’s own recorder library, used for e.g. FreeRTOS, OpenRTOS, SafeRTOS and Micrium µC/OS)

Streaming mode
As for v4.1.6, Tracealyzer supports streaming via SEGGER J-Link, IAR I-Jet and Keil ULINKpro/ULINKplus. Streaming is also possible in other ways, e.g. using USB CDC or a network connection.

IAR users can find more information at should the Tracealyzer and IAR Embedded Workbench page.

Keil users can read more about streaming support at this page.

For SEGGER J-Link users, Tracealyzer comes with build-in integration for SEGGER RTT. See the Tracealyzer User Manual (Streaming mode).

Snapshot mode
Tracealyzer contains a native integration with J-Link debug probes, that allows for read the snapshot trace buffer directly from Tracealyzer.

Eclipse-based IDEs are also supported in a similar way via our Eclipse plug-in.

If using other development tools, many debuggers are able to store RAM contents to a host-side file, that can be read by Tracealyzer.
For further information, see the Tracealyzer User Manual (Snapshot mode).