We are really excited to present our latest version of FreeRTOS+Trace, the Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS. This release of version 2.6 is the largest update in over a year (since v2.3) and includes support for FreeRTOS 8 and several other improvements.

Apart from the new features, we are also introducing a new mid-level premium version, Standard Edition at a very attractive price feasible even for electronics hobbyists. The new Standard Edition displays all trace events supported by the v2.6 recorder library, including task scheduling, kernel calls and user events, but is limited to the main trace view, the CPU Load Graph and a basic statistics report. The new Standard Edition licenses will be made available in our online store during next week.

Note that we still provide the Free Edition, which now displays a history of up to 1024 events related to task scheduling and optionally also interrupts.

Changes since version 2.5.1:

– Support for FreeRTOS v8, including the new Event Group objects.

– Dynamic memory allocation can now be traced (i.e, heap functions).

– Tracing of Timer commands, including pended/delegated functions from ISRs.

– Integration with FreeRTOS Queue Registry. If you are using the Queue Registry, it is no longer required to also set the name in the recorder.

– Support for more than 255 objects of each type. Note that you need to enable a setting (16-bit handles) in trcConfig.h to allow this.

– Improved detection of interrupt tailchaining on ARM Cortex-M devices.

– Support for an alternative type of critical sections inside the recorder (USE_PRIMASK_CS), that allows user events anywhere, also in high priority interrupt handlers.

– Timestamping on Cortex-M is now based on DWT cycle counter instead of SysTick.

– Improved trcConfig.h to make it easier to overview. Basic settings are now shown in an initial section, and advanced settings later.

– Moved selection of hardware port from trcHardwarePort.h to trcConfig.h, so all settings are now made in trcConfig.h.

– Added a demo project for IAR Embedded Workbench (NXP LPC176x)

FreeRTOS+Trace v2.6.0 is now available in our download section