We are pleased to announce an integration with Microchip MPLAB X IDE, which makes it much easier to use FreeRTOS+Trace with Microchip debuggers and boards. From v2.7 we also provide MPLAB demonstration projects for both PIC32MX and PIC32MZ.


The integration is an MPLAB plugin that extract the trace data from the target system (from the RAM buffer of the recorder library) and writes it to a file, which you then open in FreeRTOS+Trace. This plugin also works with our other Tracealyzer products for OpenRTOS, SafeRTOS, and Micrium µC/OS-III.

Download the plugin here!

To install the pluing in MPLAB X IDE:

  • Extract the .nbm file from the provided zip file.
  • In MPLAB, select “Tools” -> “Plugins”. In the Plugins dialog, select the “Downloaded” tab and then click “Add Plugins…”. Select “org-percepio-freertostraceplugin.nbm” from the zip file.
  • Restart MPLAB and enable the plugin by selecting “Tools” -> “Embedded” -> “FreeRTOS+Trace Plugin”.