Leading embedded software tracing tool provides immediate support for latest FreeRTOS release

Leading embedded software tracing tool provides immediate support for latest FreeRTOS release

Västerås, Sweden, 14th June 2016 – Percepio AB, the Swedish developer of RTOS visualization tools, announces the latest release of Tracealyzer, version 3.0.7 to support the newly released FreeRTOS version 9.0. This latest release of the leading embedded software tracing tool will contain all the current features of Tracealyzer as well as complete support for all the new FreeRTOS features announced in version 9.0.  Percepio continues to work in partnership with FreeRTOS on future versions to develop new features for its Tracealyzer tool. A new Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS with several new features including custom intervals, is in the works.

According to Percepio founder, and CEO Dr. Johan Kraft, “FreeRTOS is by far the largest and most popular RTOS available today and is a de facto standard as the free, open source alternative, backed by most players in the embedded industry. Supporting the new FreeRTOS version 9.0 has been a top priority for Percepio in order to keep providing the FreeRTOS community with market-leading runtime trace visualization, that accelerates debugging, validation and profiling of FreeRTOS-based software“.

FreeRTOS founder Richard Barry commented “Tracealyzer has always offered exceptional value to our global community of users by giving engineers direct insight into how their applications are executing.  This information is invaluable when both optimizing and debugging FreeRTOS applications.  We are pleased Percepio has been able to provide this update to its tools only days after our FreeRTOS V9 release.”

Percepio’s market-leading visualization offers 25+ views, which are cleverly interconnected to allow viewing the trace from multiple perspectives, for instance CPU usage, memory allocation, task synchronization and communication events, as well as selected state variables and input/output values.

The insight provided by Tracealyzer facilitates debugging, validation, profiling, documentation and training. This can help avoid weeks of troubleshooting and vastly increase development speed.

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About FreeRTOS www.freertos.org

FreeRTOS is the market leading RTOS from Real Time Engineers Ltd. that supports 35 architectures and received >113000 downloads during 2014. It is professionally developed, strictly quality controlled, robust, supported, and free to embed in commercial products without any requirement to expose your proprietary source code.

FreeRTOS has become the de facto standard RTOS for microcontrollers by removing common objections to using free software, and in so doing, providing a truly compelling free software model.

About Percepio AB

Founded in 2009 and based in Västerås, Sweden, Percepio is a developer of highly visual runtime diagnostics tools for embedded and Linux-based software. Percepio’s tool family Tracealyzer provides an unprecedented level of insight into the runtime world of embedded software, which facilitates understanding, troubleshooting and optimization. Tracealyzer gives embedded software developers better means to create more robust and efficient software, on time and within budget. Percepio collaborates with several leading vendors of operating systems for embedded software.

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