Cypress CY8CKIT-044

Alan Hawse, evangelist and 26-year veteran at Cypress Semiconductor, has published an informative blog post detailing how you can integrate Percepio Tracealyzer into Cypress’ developer toolset PSoC Creator.

“As you have probably noticed, I have spent a significant amount of time in the last few months doing FreeRTOS projects,” he writes, and “One thing that I have been continuously frustrated about is a lack of analysis tools. How much memory am I using? How much stack and heap are free? How long are tasks taking? How do you get the priorities set right? And on and on. “ So he decided to take Tracealyzer for a spin.

More posts to come

This first post covers the basics: how to integrate the Tracealyzer recorder library in your application and how to connect Tracealyzer to the target system. Future posts will discuss streaming mode, which is necessary to obtain long traces, and various functions in Tracealyzer.

Hawse blogs at and his posts are mirrored at Cypress’ corporate blog. Before being elevated to product evangelist and blogger two years ago, Hawse used to run the Software Development division at Cypress, so he knows these tools very well and it shows; his style is both clear and entertaining and he covers every detail.

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