Makers at the Internetdagarna conference

Photo: Sara Arnald, CC-BY

Have you ever wanted to debug your hobby MCU project with a tracing tool, but felt that you couldn’t afford a pro tool like Percepio Tracealyzer? Well, now you can! We offer a non-commercial Tracealyzer Makers Edition license at a discounted price.

Non-commercial license

You will receive a full featured Tracealyzer license for any of the real-time operating systems we support*, valid for non-commercial use and node-locked to one computer. And once you decide to take your project to the market, we’ll give you a credit towards a commercial license.

Send a mail to to request a Makers Edition license and we will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can download Tracealyzer, register for a free 10-day evaluation license and start tracing.

We have put some resources online to help you get started with tracing and Tracealyzer. Visit to find out what’s available.

(*): See for a list of currently supported operating systems. Please mail to if you cannot find your favourite RTOS.