This spring has seen the release of Tracealyzer 4, Percepio’s most significant update to Tracealyzer so far, but that is not all. We have also simplified our licensing options and introduced some new ones, including an all-inclusive subscription license that allows you to use Tracealyzer with all of our supported operating systems.

No matter what your needs are, there should now be a Tracealyzer license that covers them. Let’s walk through the various options.

  1. As before, there is a Node Locked license which lets you run Tracealyzer on a single computer. One year of support and free updates are included, after that you can buy yearly maintenance contracts to continue receiving updates. Or you can continue to use your existing copy of Tracealyzer for as long as you wish.
  2. The Floating license is our solution for small to medium-sized workgroups. The license is shared within your group or organization and allows an unlimited number of installations, but there is a cap on the number of concurrent users. Once again, one year of support and updates is included and you can extend this with yearly maintenance contracts.
  3. The new Subscription license is the all-you-can-eat option; it is a floating license but unlike the regular floating license it is not tied to a single RTOS. With a Subscription license, you can use Tracealyzer with all of our supported operating systems, making this the best solution for larger development groups where there may be many RTOS projects running in parallel. A subscription is also a great option if you haven’t decided on your RTOS yet and are evaluating several;  it can later be converted to a regular floating license.
    The subscription is valid for one year and includes not only free support and updates but also any Tracealyzer add-on products that Percepio may launch during that time.
  4. We also offer a low-cost Makers license for non-commercial hobby usage. For academic users we offer free individual licenses and greatly discounted licenses to universities. Please see for details.
  5. Finally, every download of Tracealyzer comes with a free evaluation license, valid 10 days from the time you choose to activate the license.

Please feel free to contact your nearest sales representative with any questions you might have, or send a mail to