Västerås, Sweden, 7th May 2018    * * *   Percepio, the leader in software trace visualization for embedded systems and IoT, announces Tracealyzer version 4.1 with support for Micrium µC/OS-III, in addition to the already supported Amazon FreeRTOS and Keil RTX5.

“Tracealyzer 4 is a massive improvement over previous versions and as we have been working closely with Micrium since 2013, supporting µC/OS-III has been a priority for us. Many users have asked for this and we are excited to bring the next generation in RTOS tracing to Micrium µC/OS-III users,” says Johan Kraft, CEO of Percepio.

Developers using Micrium µC/OS-III can now benefit from the many new features in Tracealyzer 4, such as unlimited tracing, advanced live visualization, a new modern user interface and user-defined visualization.

In addition, the new release introduces support for RTOS tracing via ITM (Instrumentation Trace Macrocell), a feature available on many ARM Cortex M-based MCUs. Streaming trace data via ITM can be very fast; in lab tests Percepio has achieved transfer speeds exceeding 2 Mbytes/s. Moreover, with ITM there is no need for a RAM buffer in the target. This allows for RTOS tracing with minimal overhead. Read more about the technology here: https://percepio.com/2018/05/04/tracealyzer-streaming-over-arm-itm-using-ulinkpro-ulinkplus/

Support for ITM tracing is initially available for Keil µVision with FreeRTOS and Micrium µC/OS-III, but support is planned for other RTOSes and development tools soon.

Tracealyzer 4.1 is available for download at percepio.com.

Those not yet familiar with Tracealyzer 4 can find a summary of the new capabilities at https://percepio.com/this-is-tracealyzer-4/.

The full press release is available here.