Percepio will not attend the Microchip MASTERs conference(s) this year (although we did last year) but Tracealyzer will still feature in some Microchip classes, we’re told. And if that’s not reason enough to go, there are lots of other reasons – the European conference alone features over 80 classes on topics ranging from firmware design to power supplies and motor control.

The Microchip MASTERs conference is designed to provide engineers with a forum for sharing and exchanging technical information on Microchip’s large portfolio of products and to serve as a design resource for using these products in applications. MASTERs 2018 is the 22nd annual conference.

The US MASTERs runs from 22 to 25 August, with a pre-conference 20–21 August.

Where: Phoenix, Arizona

Registration, schedule et cetera here


The European MASTERs conference runs from 11 to 13 September

Where: Berlin, Germany

Registration, schedule et cetera here


Finally, Microchip will hold a one-day MASTERs conference in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 24 September.