Running Tracealyzer 4 on Linux hosts

To run Tracealyzer 4 on Linux, the first thing you will need to install is Mono. For most distributions there’s a package called “mono-complete”, though some distributions and package systems may instead use simply “mono”. There may be additional requirements, in particular for Debian/Ubuntu and Fedora based systems. See below for distribution specific instructions. Mono [...]

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Winter Holidays at Percepio

The Percepio office will close on 23 December and open again Monday 3 January. We will be monitoring email, and in particular the support and sales emails, over the holidays but expect response times to be a bit longer than usual.

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Percepio at the IoT Online Conference 8–10 December

Welcome to the IoT Online conference 2021, an all-digital conference about various aspects of the Internet of Things. Presentations are prerecorded, but there will also be live Q&A sessions after some presentations. The conference takes place on 8–10 December and Percepio is again one of its Gold sponsors. Percepio CEO Johan Kraft will [...]

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Tracealyzer v4.5 Is Out

We just released Tracealyzer version 4.5; users with a current support contract can upgrade from within the application, or by going to the upgrade page and download the right binary for their platform. The big news in version 4.5 are support for Espressif's ESP32 MCUs and for Zephyr RTOS, but the update comes with a [...]

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Tracealyzer Demo Webinar 18 March

Joral Technologies, Percepio's distributor in Canada, will arrange a Tracealyzer demo session on Thursday, 18 March at 3 pm EDT (20.00 CET). The speaker will be Mohammed Billoo, a well-accomplished embedded software engineer and occasional Tracealyzer blogger. Mohammed will also be available to answer your questions about the tool after the session. The presentation will be about [...]

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5 Tips for Fast Debugging of Deployed IoT Devices

The real test of IoT devices comes after shipping, when thousands of end users start using your product, sometimes in unexpected and untested ways. No software is entirely bug free, so some users will run into those remaining bugs. The question is how many and what you do about it.

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Tracealyzer Version 4.4.2 Is Out With Support for Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP

We released Tracealyzer version 4.4.2 yesterday, with support for symmetric multiprocessing systems running Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP. The new release also brings improved support for trace streaming over STLINK-V3 debug probes. In addition to these new features, the 4.4.2 release includes a number of bug fixes and improvements and we encourage all users to upgrade now. Tracealyzer [...]

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Vote for Tracealyzer as Product of the Year 2021

Tracealyzer v4.4 for Linux, a screenshot. Every year for more than 20 years, the German magazine Elektronik has asked its readers to vote for the best products in electronics. Voting for 2021 has just opened and for the first time Percepio Tracealyzer is one of the nominees. To be more precise, it [...]

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Tracealyzer 4.4.1 Is Out

We released Tracealyzer version 4.4.1 yesterday. This is mainly a bug fix release and we encourage all users to upgrade now. Some of the improvements are: Better visuals for asynchronous events (e.g. Linux syscalls) Common Trace Format (CTF) compatibility and performance improvements Fixed cropped Y-axis labels in plots and histograms Fixed filter so TraceX trace [...]

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Welcome to ETESTCON in India 3–6 November

ETESTCON 2020, Menlopark’s embedded testing conference in India in November, focuses on technology more than vendors, which makes it a great place to broaden your technical horizons. Menlopark is also Percepio's distributor in India and this year we are partnering with them to arrange the conference. As usual during this strange year, ETESTCON 2020 is [...]

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Webinar: Tracealyzer and FreeRTOS

Percepio's French distributor NeoMore will host a free webinar about using Tracealyzer to accelerate debugging and optimization of FreeRTOS-based applications. The webinar will take place on two separate occasions and you can register for either Tuesday 20 October at 11am, or the next Tuesday 27 October at 11 am.

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Improve Your GUI with Percepio, Crank Software and ST—Webinar 28 October

The user interface tends to be the most visible aspect of an embedded device. Optimizing the UI is therefore an important step towards a positive user experience. Join Percepio, Crank Software and ST for a one-hour webinar Wednesday 28 October at 11.00 EDT (16.00 CEST) to learn about developing user interfaces on STM32 microcontrollers. You [...]

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Percepio to host Cypress IoT-AdvantEdge webinar 17 September

Västerås, Sweden, 1st September 2020   * * *   Percepio, the leader in visual trace diagnostics for embedded systems and IoT, is pleased to announce that it will be hosting a Cypress IoT-AdvantEdge™ webinar on Thursday, 17th September 2020 at 9am PST (6pm CEST). Entitled “Closing the Loop On IoT Device Error Reporting”, the webinar outlines a strategy [...]

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Closing the Loop On IoT Device Error Reporting

Good development methods and rigorous testing can eliminate most software bugs from an IoT device, but experience has shown that some bugs will remain. So you need to have a strategy for dealing with bug reports from your users once you start shipping the product. Join Percepio and Cypress for a webinar on Thursday 17 [...]

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Percepio joins Renesas RA READY program

Percepio Tracealyzer and DevAlert have joined the list of “RA READY” technology solutions that can be deployed together with Renesas RA family of microcontrollers – right now. Renesas’ announcement from late July is here and they have also set up a partner page for Percepio. The Renesas Advanced (RA) 32-bit MCUs are built with Arm Cortex-M33, -M23 [...]

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Tracealyzer v4.3.11 Is Out

We have just released an update to Tracealyzer, labeled version 4.3.11, which adds support for RTX version 5.5 and also improves support for FreeRTOS. Users can download the new version from within Tracealyzer, or by visiting the Download page at

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Webinar 24 June: Visual Trace Diagnostics In the Lab and In the Field

Software trace data has a massive potential for improving development for embedded and IoT software. Percepio is pioneering the area of Visual Trace Diagnostics, where the trace data is processed into a powerful model of the recorded system behavior. This enables a whole new level of visual analysis capabilities that improves developer productivity and software [...]

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Webinar 11 June: Software Analysis of Complex Cortex-M Applications

Arm Keil and Percepio will host a joint webinar 11 June, 16.00 (CEST) – Software analysis of complex Cortex-M applications, with Reinhard Keil, Senior Director of Embedded Tools at Arm and Johan Kraft, Percepio CEO. In the past, debugging was all about run/stop debuggers and instruction trace. However, in complex embedded applications it can be difficult [...]

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Webinar 9 June: Create Exceptional User Interfaces

The Human-Machine interface is often the most visible aspect of a system, so it's critical that it performs as expected or users will surely notice. This one-hour webinar will demonstrate how Storyboard, the UI building tool from Canadian Crank Software, can be used along with Percepio Tracealyzer to analyze and optimise performance for common user [...]

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Tracealyzer Support for New Wind River Linux Offer

Wind River has a major announcement today about Wind River Linux – and Percepio Tracealyzer is ready to help you debug and improve your WR Linux applications. Welcome to our booth #4-305 at Embedded World, where we will demonstrate our brand new Tracealyzer for Linux.

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On printf debugging

Printf calls are SLOW. Writing 25 bytes over a 115200 baud serial line takes a whopping 2 milliseconds, not counting any string formatting. This may change the system behavior and hide the problem you are chasing. This also means that printf calls can't be used in any time critical code, such as interrupt handlers. Additional [...]

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Tracealyzer version 4.3.7 is out

Just before the holidays, we managed to push out the last Tracealyzer update of this decade. The main new thing in version 4.3.7 is that the recorder has been updated to be compatible with the latest release, v3.07.00, of µC/OS-III. Other than that, we have made various performance and stability improvements, and fixed one bug where [...]

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Boost your development skills with Percepio

Sometimes you need to step away from the daily grind and set aside time to study the patterns and structures that make up an embedded application. To meet that need, Percepio now offers two online courses in embedded development with a real-time operating system.

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Troubleshooting J-Link RTT streaming

The easiest way to stream Tracealyzer traces from an RTOS is often via a SEGGER J-Link debug probe, using the RTT feature. This relies on a RAM buffer that is read by the J-Link probe while the target system is executing. This is usually fast and reliable, but in case you encounter issues, please check [...]

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Looking at Mutex Usage

We have had a few customers asking us if they can use Tracealyzer to detect when a task holds two mutexes at the same time. The answer is yes, there are in fact several ways you can do this.

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Meet Percepio at Arm TechCon 8–10 October

Welcome to meet with Percepio at Arm TechCon in San Jose, California, on 8–10 October. It will be three days packed with keynotes, technical sessions on all levels, and hands-on workshops. Percepio will not have a booth this year, but we are available for meetings and discussions throughout the event. Please contact our VP of Sales [...]

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Introducing DFM for Renesas Synergy

Together with our partner Renesas, we made a demo video of Percepio Device Firmware Monitor running on a Renesas AE-Cloud2 developer kit. The demonstration, which walks you through both Tracealyzer and DFM, is available as a free on-demand webinar from Renesas.

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Percepio at ARC Processor Summit 19 September

If you are into computer vision technology, Synopsys' ARC Processor Summit in Santa Clara, California, offers an opportunity to see Tracealyzer in action. The host company will have a demo booth where they show Tracealyzer for OpenVX, tracing targets built with their own EV6x vision processor family. The Summit is a free one-day event consisting of [...]

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Welcome to ST DevCon 12 September

ST DevCon is an interactive summit, to be held on September 12, 2019 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. It will bring together experts in growth markets like Smart Things (IoT), Smart Driving, and Smart Home, City & Industry. Percepio will have a manned info kiosk at the conference, where you can go to look [...]

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