Boost your development skills with Percepio

Nov 4, 2019 |

“Training on the job” is a fact of life for most embedded developers, veterans as well as newcomers, but sometimes you need more than that. You need to step away from the daily grind, set time aside to study and learn – or re-learn – the patterns and structures that make up an embedded application.

To meet that need, Percepio now offers two online courses in embedded development with a real-time operating system, featuring embedded consultant Jacob Beningo as lecturer. The RTOS Fundamentals course covers the basics to get you started in RTOS development while Advanced RTOS Techniques takes on subjects like design patterns, debugging, and developing for security.

Each course consists of seven lectures and six labs; students can download these and go through them at their own pace. A 90-day education license for Percepio Tracealyzer is included in the prize for both courses.

RTOS Fundamentals, Lectures

  1. Real-Time Embedded Concepts
  2. Real-Time Operating Systems
  3. Managing Tasks and Threads, part 1
  4. Managing Tasks and Threads, part 2
  5. Task Synchronization Fundamentals, part 1
  6. Task Synchronization Fundamentals, part 2
  7. Managing Memory

Advanced RTOS Techniques, Lectures

  1. Synchronization Patterns
  2. RTOS Pitfalls and Issues
  3. Debugging RTOS Applications
  4. RTOS Application Design Patterns
  5. Optimizing RTOS Applications
  6. Securing an RTOS Application
  7. Best Practices

The lecture material should be applicable to most RTOSes. The lab sessions utilize an STM32L475 IoT Discovery Node evaluation board running FreeRTOS.

Read more about the Percepio RTOS Training offer, or you can go directly to our web store to boost your development skills.