Linux Support Coming to Tracealyzer 4

Mar 14, 2019 |

Tracealyzer 4 + Linux

We have good news for the growing crowd of embedded Linux developers: the next step on the Tracealyzer 4 roadmap is proper support for Linux tracing, complete with live visualization and all other great features in the new generation of Tracealyzer. Since the tracing is based on the LTTng tracing framework, it works on any Linux system supported by LTTng.

This will be the main new feature in Tracealyzer v4.4, scheduled for release this summer.

And while we are working with this great stuff, we thought we should at least give our Linux users the latest version of Tracealyzer 3 in the mean time. Therefore, as of today you can download and try out Tracealyzer 3.3.2 with Linux support; all you need to do is go to Download Tracealyzer and select Linux as the target system. This version solves several old issues, for instance in the target system connection capability.

If you are using Tracealyzer 2.7.5 with Linux support today, the 3.3.2 release is a free upgrade.

Tracealyzer 3.3.2 for Linux is also available in our web store. If you buy it any time between now and the release of Tracealyzer 4.4, you will receive a free upgrade to 4.4.

We are also interested in getting in contact with embedded Linux developers who are willing to participate in a beta test program for the new Tracealyzer 4 with Linux support. If you are interested, please send a mail to and we will get back to you.