Major Improvements Coming for Linux Users

Mar 22, 2024

Observations from the CTO

Dr. Johan KraftLinux®-based operating systems are becoming increasingly common among software developers. A whopping 45 percent were using Linux in 2022, according to Statista, which is not far behind Windows. Over the last months we have been focusing on improving the Tracealyzer experience for Linux users and the upcoming v4.9 release will bring major improvements.

Users who upgrade from older Tracealyzer versions will note that several UX issues have been fixed in v4.9, and the user experience is now better aligned with the Windows version. For example, you no longer need to click on a window before using the scroll wheel, and Tracealyzer now provides better support for Dark Mode in Ubuntu.

From our perspective as developers of Tracealyzer, the largest change is that we have integrated the Mono runtime environment to ensure consistent performance, avoiding issues caused by users having different Mono versions. This also allows us to fix issues in the underlying Mono code, so we have far more control over the entire user experience. As a bonus, new users no longer need to install Mono.

We have also added installation scripts to fully automate the installation for selected distributions.

We aim to release Tracealyzer v4.9 in the second half of April.

Johan Kraft, CTO and founder