New Kid on the Block

Feb 19, 2024 |

Observations from the CEO

Dear friends of Percepio, this is an excellent opportunity for me to introduce myself. I am Andreas Lifvendahl, and I started as Percepio’s new CEO a month ago. Prior to this move, I have been a board member for a few years, and have grown more and more enthusiastic about the potential of Percepio, and the value our tools and expertise bring to the embedded community.

As an engineer from education, I’ve come to work most of my career with smaller software and tech companies, but in more commercial and business development roles. I very much enjoy bringing bleeding edge technology (and the sharp minds behind it) out on the world’s stage and ensuring all the value within is captured and made available to other engineers.

I am not new to the embedded space either, having been with IAR Systems for more than a decade – but that was a while back, so it feels really good to be home again.

First impressions

After my first month, I am impressed by the dedication of the Percepio team. The team is really focused on having the backs of the software development community. Our founder, Dr. Johan Kraft, has set a culture of developing and delivering for quality and useability. “Is this function useful?”, “Is this easy to understand?”, “How can we help our customers further with…” are daily questions in the office. In today’s jargon, we talk about “Product First” companies – build something that you need yourself to get productive, creative and solve problems, and only then assuming – or realizing – that many others face the same obstacles.

This is the philosophy on which Percepio was built: Software developers are a great blend of artists and meticulous professionals, and they want to be creative and productive, but product development is increasingly complex. We as a community address complexity by adding multiple layers of abstraction – but abstractions do not remove complexity, they just hide it. I believe this is where Percepio brings in something unique: observability that provides insight across all layers, from deep runtime behavior to top-level system functionality, enabling you to build products that you and your users can trust.

Reading the feedback you provide on how our tools have turned months of frustrating bug hunting into hours of Eurekas, I feel immensely proud to be trusted to become part of this team.

Continuous Observability

Going forward, Percepio will stay committed to supporting the development community and follow the trendlines of modern software development, in order to address more and more of the upcoming challenges. We call this concept Continuous Observability. The hard borders between development, integration, test, deployment, device monitoring, and maintenance are dissolving. Development never stops, and we believe that product teams not only should have, but are entitled to have, the same level of observability and insight throughout the entire product life cycle as they have in the original development phase.

You have the right to stay in the know – because development never stops, and neither should creativity.

Andreas Lifvendahl, CEO