PX5 Announces Tracealyzer Support for PX5 RTOS

Nov 9, 2023

Percepio and PX5 logosA little more than a month ago, we released the free Tracealyzer SDK – a toolkit that allows other embedded software vendors to integrate Tracealyzer recording in their own software. At that time, the development team at PX5 in California were already hard at work combining Tracealyzer with their PX5 RTOS, and yesterday they released the integration. Built with Percepio’s SDK, in just a few weeks.

PX5 RTOS is the brainchild of Bill Lamie, creator of ThreadX which became Azure RTOS ThreadX when Microsoft bought the company in 2019. Now he’s back with an industrial-grade real-time operating system with a tiny footprint, built on top of the POSIX pthreads+ API.

While the built-in trace recorder is good news for current and future PX5 RTOS users, it is also a significant milestone for Percepio – the first partner-built RTOS integration using our SDK. This opens the door for more integrations in the future, many more than the relatively small Percepio team could ever hope of doing. And it isn’t just about operating systems; the SDK is equally suitable for integrating with board support packages, device drivers, or middleware like a Bluetooth or Wifi communications stack. This will make Tracealyzer useful for a much larger group of embedded developers.

We welcome PX5 to Percepio’s roster of RTOS partners, hopefully the first of many to come.

To get started with the Tracealyzer SDK, make sure that you have an active Tracealyzer license and then visit the Tracealyzer SDK page to pick up the software and documentation.