Revolve NTNU: Revved Up and Thankful

Oct 11, 2023

It has been an exciting year for our Formula Student team at Revolve NTNU. From the BMS & SBS (Battery Management System & Sensor Broadcast System) Hardware Engineering team, we want to thank Percepio for their invaluable support this past season. Formula Student is intense and demanding but rewarding.

To recap, our year competing across Europe kicked off in Austria, where we gained priceless experience that helped us later on. We finished 6th overall and snagged 3rd place in the Skidpad event.

Next up was Hungary, where we drove our car autonomously for the first time this season. Our racer proved one of the quickest, and we grabbed 1st in Autocross racing. We also won 1st place in autonomous acceleration. Though unfortunately disqualified from one event, we still managed 9th place out of all teams.

Most energy-efficient car

Germany saw stellar results across static and dynamic competitions. For the static events, we earned 4th place in both Cost & Manufacturing and Business Plan presentations. In the dynamic tests, our car and driver excelled taking 3rd in Skidpad, 2nd in Endurance, and 1st in Efficiency – making our car the most energy-efficient on the track. Overall, we finished 4th out of 70 competitors.

Our team is so proud of what we accomplished this year. It would not have been possible without generous supporters like Percepio. Your contribution helps motivate and enable our organization to continually improve and compete at the highest levels in Europe.

As the season closes, a new chapter opens. My personal focus is now testing real-time system performance, where I look forward to reaping the benefits of Percepio Tracealyzer, before shifting to hardware design. Revolve NTNU will soon begin concepting our next Formula Student race car.

Thank you again for helping make this such a memorable year. Here’s to continued success in 2023!

Eirik M. Silnes, BMS & GSS-HW Engineer at Revolve NTNU, Trondheim, Norway