This week we released version 4.3.6 of Tracealyzer, a maintenance and bugfix release – we fixed about 50 minor issues in this one. If Tracealyzer does not prompt you to download the update, you can access it by selecting Help -> Check for updates.

New & Updated

  • Stack usage: Now only shown for RTOSes where this feature is supported (FreeRTOS, Micrium).
  • State machine analysis: Definitions can now be removed as intended.
  • Linux support: Solved installation issues that may occur under certain circumstances.
  • STLINK support: Streaming over SWO now also works on Linux.
  • J-Link RTT streaming: Now possible to use smaller RTT buffer size in many cases.
  • lwIP streaming support: Fixed recorder build issue related to errno variable.
  • Micrium support: Improved getting started guide in the documentation.
  • Xilinx support: Improved getting started guide in the documentation.
  • Arm Cortex-A9 support: Fixed recorder build problem in Snapshot mode.
  • VxWorks support: Two bug fixes related to VxWorks 5.x and VxWorks 7.x respectively.

The update is free for Tracealyzer users with a valid support contract. If your support contract has expired, you can renew it by contacting your closest Percepio distributor or