Today we have released Tracealyzer version 4.4 with new support for tracing and diagnosing embedded Linux systems. Linux developers can now enjoy the same level of insight that Tracealyzer offers for other supported platforms, with additional new features optimized for Linux traces, such as:

  • The Signals and Syscalls Explorer shows how a process interacts with the Linux kernel through syscalls. It can show you a list of syscalls per thread, process or process tree, and also how signals are generated and delivered.
  • The Communication Flow view has been optimized for Linux systems and shows the process interactions with respect to file descriptors, signals and pipes.
  • An Actor Tree field in the main trace view lets you see how processes and threads are created.

The Linux support in Tracealyzer leverages CTF, the Common Trace Format, and the widely supported LTTng tracing framework.

We would like to extend a big Thank You to our Linux beta testers, who signed up for Percepio’s first open beta test program over the summer to help us find bugs and polish the product.

Zoom quickly with Quick Zoom

Besides Linux, this release comes with many improvements for the other supported platforms as well, like the new Quick Zoom that makes it easier to zoom in. Just hold down the Ctrl key and drag the mouse pointer over an interval.

If you want to try out Tracealyzer for Linux, you can download a 10-day evaluation kit. There’s also a Getting Startedpage with more information.

Current Tracealyzer users with an active maintenance contract can upgrade from within the application, or download the new version from Percepio’s Download page.