Tracealyzer 4.6 Is Out

Feb 9, 2022 |

We have released Tracealyzer version 4.6 with lots of interesting new features.

  • Tracealyzer now has full and official support for Zephyr, the up-and-coming RTOS from the Linux Foundation. This includes support for snapshot traces, where trace data is stored in a ring buffer on the target system. Percepio has contributed about 18,000 lines of source code to the Zephyr tracing subsystem, to enable the level of tracing that Tracealyzer users require.
    The trace recorder is now part of the standard Zephyr download, making it easy to get started with tracing in Zephyr. The upcoming Zephyr 3.0 release will include our new trace recorder library (see below).
  • We have improved Tracealyzer’s support for Azure RTOS ThreadX to include streaming traces, by integrating our trace recorder in ThreadX.

These improvements are due to a new, modular trace recorder library that debuts in Tracealyzer 4.6. It is designed to be easier to port to other software platforms, and to allow tracing of multi-core systems. It supports both snapshot and streaming trace in the same solution, using the same trace format, which makes it easier to maintain and improve.

DevAlert benefits too

DevAlert, Percepio’s cloud service for monitoring IoT devices during test and in deployment, also benefits from the new recorder library, as it will enable us to provide an official SDK for partners and customers that wish to integrate Tracealyzer and/or DevAlert with their RTOS of choice, or with bare-metal firmware. Stay tuned for more news on this subject.

Another 4.6 innovation is the new dynamic legend feature. It improves the legibility of Tracealyzer’s timeline views, making it easier to see which events belong to which process or thread. This is particularly valuable for operating systems such as Linux, where the number of threads can become unwieldy.

Upgrade now

Users with a current support contract can upgrade Tracealyzer from within the application, or by going to the update page and download the right binary for their platform.