Tracealyzer v4.9 Now Available

May 24, 2024

Tracealyzer 4.9.0 on Linux showing a Zephyr trace

Tracealyzer version 4.9.0 is now available for download.

Installation on Linux has been greatly simplified. A new “standalone” installation package includes everything needed to run the software. Linux users no longer need to install dependencies like Mono or libgconf to use Tracealyzer, and the new installation guide makes it easy to get started.

The user experience and performance on Linux has been improved significantly. Several Linux-related bugs and GUI issues have been fixed, for example related to mouse wheel focus, scrollbars, and Ubuntu’s dark mode that is now better supported. Moreover, the application starts up faster and the traces load faster.

The TraceRecorder support for ThreadX and SafeRTOS has been updated. The SafeRTOS support is provided via Wittenstein high integrity systems.

Tracealyzer 4.9 also brings improvements to support LynxOS-178, such as process support in the TraceRecorder library allowing threads to be grouped by process in the trace view. The LynxOS-178 support is provided via Lynx Software Technologies.