Why do I get “error: ‘uxPendedTicks’ undeclared”?

Mar 6, 2014 |

If you get this error when compiling the recorder, you are probably using an older version of FreeRTOS (v7.5.x or earlier) together with a newer version of the recorder library.

The FreeRTOS variable ‘uxPendedTicks’ was before v7.5.2 named ‘uxMissedTicks’, so you need to replace uxPendedTicks with uxMissedTicks in the definition of traceTASK_INCREMENT_TICK in trcKernelPort.h

Update: In FreeRTOS+Trace v2.7 (and later) this has been fixed. Assuming that you specify your FreeRTOS version in trcConfig.h it now builds correctly with all versions of FreeRTOS from v7.3.0 and forwards.