Stop Guessing: See Inside RTOS Firmware with Visual Tracing

Sep 12, 2023

Learn how to dramatically simplify debugging of RTOS-based systems with insight into real-time execution
Stop Guessing White Paper cover

The structure imposed by using an RTOS increases an applications maintainability and makes adding features easier. However, subtle coding choices can result in elusive errors or performance issues in the final product that are not apparent in the source code. The system may operate as intended in the lab, but there can be countless execution scenarios that are impossible to fully cover by testing or code reviews. In the worst case, the system passes testing but crashes during customer use.

To ensure reliable operation, all parts of the application code need to follow best practices in RTOS-based design. This requires good insight into the system’s real-time behavior.

RTOS trace visualization, which can be thought of as a slow-motion video of the application’s internals, is a good way to be confident that an RTOS software runs as designed—and is the fastest way to detect and correct bugs.

Read the white paper to learn more about:

  • Challenges in RTOS-based design
  • Finding bugs in RTOS-based systems
  • Why seeing is understanding
  • A real-world example from the NASA Pathfinder mission
  • Hardware vs. software tracing