Tracealyzer 4 lets you see network activity

Nov 9, 2017 |

Welcome to a second glimpse of Tracealyzer 4, showing how network activity can be visualized together with the RTOS events. This way, developers of connected IoT systems can get a wider perspective of their system’s real-time behavior.

In this brief example we display events from a TCP/IP stack, but the same technique can be used for any kind of system inputs or outputs. This is also a first step in a new direction of broadening the scope of Tracealyzer. We aim to provide integrated support for leading middleware stacks in early v4.x releases. But there are so many stacks in the embedded/IoT industry, so the long-term goal is to allow for partners and end users to create their own Tracealyzer extensions for any software APIs they would like to trace.

(If you missed our first Tracealyzer 4 video, it is in last week’s blog post.)

Back to School

Embedded evangelist Jacob Beningo is right now putting the finishing touches to two university style courses for RTOS developers that he will give online in the first half of 2018:

Sessions will be broadcast live but students will also be able follow both courses in their own pace. All info, including fees and how to register, in the links above.