Welcome to a first look at Tracealyzer 4

Nov 2, 2017 |

A completely revamped user interface and a much improved live view are two of the most prominent features of the upcoming Tracealyzer 4, which we showed for the first time at Arm TechCon last week. If you weren’t there, you can still get a feel for the new product through a short video we have put together.

But remember: this is a technology preview. The software still needs a bit more polishing before we release it in Q1 next year.

Arm TechCon was a great show for everybody and particularly so for Percepio. For the first time, we had a demo station which we shared with our US distributor Emprog. Cliff Wood, our US Sales Manager, joined FAE Niclas Lindblom there to meet with customers and users and answer all sorts of questions. We had a lot of traffic in the booth and saw a lot of interest in Tracealyzer 4.

Jean Labrosse, MicriumThe conference also offered an opportunity for us to meet with many of our partners. Jean Labrosse, CEO of Micrium, had this to say: “I saw the Tracealyzer 4 preview at Arm TechCon yesterday and it will be a great thing for µC/OS-III users. The new features will help our users find the tricky sorts of timing problems that delay development projects and stall releases.”

Expect to hear a lot more about Tracealyzer version 4 in the coming months. Customers who order Tracealyzer v3 after 1 November will qualify for a free upgrade to version 4 when released.

Internet-of-Things security

Another interesting thing to come out of ArmTechCon was Arm’s IoT Security Manifesto, a 14-page paper about new ways to approach security for Internet of Things devices. It borrows ideas from both AI research and the human immune system, to name but two examples. The paper can be downloaded for free from here; you’ll have to supply your name and email but that is a reasonable price to pay.