Video: All the News In Tracealyzer 4.5

Jul 6, 2021 |

Two weeks ago we released version 4.5 of Percepio Tracealyzer with a lot of new features in it – support for the Espressif ESP32 MCU and the open-source Zephyr RTOS are but two examples. Now you can watch Percepio Field Application Engineer Kristoffer Martinsson as he presents the new features in the video below; as an extra bonus he will also demonstrate a few ways that you can use Tracealyzer to optimize your application.

Zephyr RTOS is a safe, secure, and scalable open-source RTOS maintained by the Linux Foundation. Zephyr is one of the fastest growing RTOSes today and it supports multiple hardware architectures. Percepio’s trace recorder library has been integrated in Zephyr v2.6, which means that Tracealyzer support is easily accessible as a configuration option when setting up a new Zephyr project. Note though that the Zephyr support is still in beta, with an official release expected after the summer. In the meantime, anyone who downloads a Tracealyzer evaluation for Zephyr will receive a 90-day evaluation license instead of the standard 10 days.

Tracealyzer 4.5 further offers support for both single- and multicore versions of the ESP32, a low-cost and low-power MCU with integrated WiFi and Bluetooth. We have also included the support package required to use Tracealyzer with a Lauterbach uTrace probe as the first step towards full Lauterbach support, and we made some improvements in how we handle STLINK-V3 debug probes.

All in all, things are going great and they’re only getting better. Stay tuned for more news from Percepio.