Winter Holidays at Percepio

The Percepio office will close on 23 December and open again Monday 3 January. We will be monitoring email, and in particular the support and sales emails, over the holidays but expect response times to be a bit longer than usual.

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Tracealyzer v4.5 Is Out

We just released Tracealyzer version 4.5; users with a current support contract can upgrade from within the application, or by going to the upgrade page and download the right binary for their platform. The big news in version 4.5 are support for Espressif's ESP32 MCUs and for Zephyr RTOS, but the update comes with a [...]

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Tracealyzer Version 4.4.2 Is Out With Support for Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP

We released Tracealyzer version 4.4.2 yesterday, with support for symmetric multiprocessing systems running Azure RTOS ThreadX SMP. The new release also brings improved support for trace streaming over STLINK-V3 debug probes. In addition to these new features, the 4.4.2 release includes a number of bug fixes and improvements and we encourage all users to upgrade now. Tracealyzer [...]

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Tracealyzer 4.4.1 Is Out

We released Tracealyzer version 4.4.1 yesterday. This is mainly a bug fix release and we encourage all users to upgrade now. Some of the improvements are: Better visuals for asynchronous events (e.g. Linux syscalls) Common Trace Format (CTF) compatibility and performance improvements Fixed cropped Y-axis labels in plots and histograms Fixed filter so TraceX trace [...]

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Tracealyzer version 4.3.7 is out

Just before the holidays, we managed to push out the last Tracealyzer update of this decade. The main new thing in version 4.3.7 is that the recorder has been updated to be compatible with the latest release, v3.07.00, of µC/OS-III. Other than that, we have made various performance and stability improvements, and fixed one bug where [...]

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Troubleshooting J-Link RTT streaming

The easiest way to stream Tracealyzer traces from an RTOS is often via a SEGGER J-Link debug probe, using the RTT feature. This relies on a RAM buffer that is read by the J-Link probe while the target system is executing. This is usually fast and reliable, but in case you encounter issues, please check [...]

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Tracing TCP Sockets in FreeRTOS

By default, the Tracealyzer Recorder Library allows for tracing two kinds of information: (1) RTOS kernel events such as context-switches and RTOS API calls, and (2) User Events in the application code, such as debug logging, state changes and variable values. With the release of Tracealyzer 4.2.9 we added a third way to trace [...]

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What’s New In Tracealyzer 4.2.9

Just in time for the winter break, we have released Tracealyzer 4.2.9 with some new improvements and bug fixes. Better support for large systems with many actors (tasks and ISRs), as the trace view can now hide inactive actors automatically. Tracealyzer will ask about enabling this feature if there are too many actors to fit [...]

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Trace streaming over TCP/IP on Xilinx Zynq

Xilinx development kit ZC702 features a Zynq 7000 programmable SoC, lots of RAM and on-board I/O connectors ranging from HDMI to Gigabit Ethernet and USB. We set out to build a Tracealyzer demo application for this board, based on FreeRTOS and lwIP, with live trace streaming over Ethernet. During this work we discovered an interesting issue [...]

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New Plugins for Eclipse IDEs and Atmel Studio 7

Good news! We have now updated both the Eclipse plugin and the Atmel Studio 7 plugin for Tracealyzer 4, making it even easier to analyze and debug RTOS-based software using Tracealyzer. The Eclipse plugin works with most Eclipse-based IDEs for Arm-based MCUs, such as Atollic TrueStudio, MCUXpresso, Simplicity Studio, etc. Both plugins support snapshot tracing of FreeRTOS, [...]

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Tracealyzer 4.2 – New Trace View, Runs on Linux

Tracealyzer version 4.2 features a completely rewritten main trace view, and adds support for, among other things, Wittenstein SafeRTOS and tracing via ST-LINK debug probes. It also runs on Linux, so embedded developers using Linux hosts are now able to upgrade to the new generation of Tracealyzer.

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Version 4.1.5 adds IAR streaming support

     We are happy to announce an update of Tracealyzer, v4.1.5, bringing trace streaming support for IAR Embedded Workbench, allowing IAR users to fully benefit from the powerful capabilities of Tracealyzer 4 using IAR I-Jet probes. This leverages the ITM module found on most Arm Cortex-M3, M4 and M7 MCUs. With a fast debug [...]

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Tracealyzer streaming over ARM ITM using ULINKpro/ULINKplus

Good news! As of version 4.1 (just released) Tracealyzer supports ITM tracing for ARM Cortex-M3, M4 and M7 MCUs. This is initially available for FreeRTOS and Micrium µC/OS-III, but support is planned for SafeRTOS and ThreadX soon. With a fast debug probe like Keil ULINKpro or ULINKplus, ITM allows for high data rates and low [...]

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Find the Tracealyzer license that suits you

This spring has seen the release of Tracealyzer 4, Percepio's most significant update to Tracealyzer so far, but that is not all. We have also simplified our licensing options and introduced some new ones, including an all-inclusive subscription license that allows you to use Tracealyzer with all of our supported operating systems. No matter what [...]

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Taking on the Top Ten Bugs

"Top Ten" is a well-tested catch phrase that can be attached to restaurants in London, high buildings over the world and, well, just about anything. And rest assured there's also a list of the Top Ten Bugs in Firmware. Written by industry veteran Michael Barr, former editor-in-chief of Embedded Systems Programming magazine and author of [...]

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Industry leaders praise Tracealyzer 4 at Embedded World

Tracealyer 4 took Embedded World by storm. Interest was intense and people were really impressed. During the show, we asked seven industry leaders if we could film their reaction to Tracealyzer 4. All agreed, and this is the result … Tracealyzer 4 brings five major improvements: Brand new user interface – fresh, [...]

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Webinar: Designing and Debugging RTOS based IoT Applications

Embedded evangelist Jacob Beningo will present a free webinar on designing and debugging IoT applications. The webinar features topics like advanced RTOS application design techniques, event chaining and setting up an embedded connection to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Jacob will also use Percepio Tracealyzer to show how to trace an IoT application to not just understand how [...]

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Analyzing huge traces with Tracealyzer 4

Do you struggle with bugs that are difficult to replicate and isolate? Most embedded software developers encounter such problems now and then. With increasingly complex multi-threaded RTOS-based systems, such issues are likely to become more and more common in the future. They can be very difficult and time consuming to solve, and sometimes developers resort [...]

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