Actor Instance Graphs


The Actor Instance Graph window displays a graph showing timing properties of actor instances: execution time, response time, response interference and fragmentation. Each data point in the graph represents a specific actor instance, where the x-axis shows the instance start time and the y-axis the property value.

Clicking a plotted instance will show and highlight it in the trace view. You can filter actors using the Filter menu or by clicking on an actor in the legend to the right.

If you wish to focus on a specific area, you can click and drag to select an interval and use the Zoom menu or right click to zoom in on it. You can also use the Zoom or right click menu to show the selection or current view in the trace view or in all open views.

This view can be used to identify long-running tasks using the execution and response time graphs, or potential scheduling problems using the fragmentation and interference graphs.

The properties that can be plotted are:

You can combine this view with other horizontal views by choosing Views -> Add -> (graph type).

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