Kernel Object History


The Kernel Object History view displays all kernel service calls for a specific kernel object. This is displayed as a list, containing the actor making the call, the type of event and the status of the kernel object.

For queue objects, the current length of the queue is shown in the right column, with sequence numbers on the individual messages (the rectangles). The colors of the messages indicate the actor that sent the message. If selecting a successful send or receive event, it is possible to follow the message to the receiver or sender by using the buttons in the tool panel on the right, "Goto sending event" and "Goto receiving event". This allows you to follow the messages sent between indivdual task instances, e.g., to find and study the location where a queue message with incorrect data was sent.

The event list can be filtered to only display events of a certain service or from a certain task, using the two Filter menus. Clicking an event will display details about it in the panel to the right, which also features navigation buttons. Double clicking an event will highlight it in the trace view.

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