Statistics Report


The statistics report generator allows you to generate a high-level report on timing properties and CPU usage for the whole trace (if no selection exists in the main trace view), or the selected interval. The report can be saved as HTML, which allows you to store it for future reference, e.g., to compare timing and CPU load between different versions of your system.

When you launch the Statistics Report, a configuration dialog is shown where you can select which actors you wish to include in the report, and what properties you wish to include. When you are done, click the Show Report button to view the report. The report has two sections, a table presenting a summary, and (optionally) a set of histograms showing the detailed distributions. Histograms are only included if the checkbox Show Graphical Diagrams is enabled.

The Histogram shows you one or several bars, where each bar show:

Note that a bar may represent a single actor instance in some cases. In that case, only the single value is shown on the X axis, instead of interval bounds. Also note that two adjacent bars may hide "empty space" in the underlying density distribution, i.e., there may be an interval with no matching actor instances in between them.

The histogram bars and most fields in the table are linked to the Finder dialog, for instance the areas indicated in red in the above illustration. The table value and the histogram bar both respresent the highest found response time of a certain task. When either of these are clicked, the Finder dialog is opened and the actor filter is adjusted to find this specific case. The Finder will then show this match in the main trace window.

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