Event Log


The Event Log displays the trace as a textual event listing, with powerful filtering tools. The view also supports exporting the trace as text format (see below). Double-clicking on any line will highlight the corresponding event in the main trace view.


By Line Contents
In the upper right corner, you can find the line contents filters. You can choose to include only lines matching one or more regex patterns and/or excluding any line matching one or more regex patterns. Both text boxes supports multiple patterns by placing one pattern on each line.

By Timestamps
By using the Exclude Events Before/After Timestamp filters, you can display events within a specific interval only.

By Event Type
In the lower right corner, you can find the Sources tree view. Here you can select which types of events you want to include as well as which individual channels you want to include for user events.


Using the Formatting menu item, you can configure the view.

  • Show Timestamps: Toggles the display of event timestamps.
  • Color Events By Type: Toggles the coloring of line backgrounds based on event type.


Using the Find menu item, you can configure the view.

  • Find: Opens the Find dialog. This lets you find an event or log message by string contents.
  • Color Events By Type: If a search pattern has been entered in the Find dialog, the next match will be shown. Otherwise the Find dialog will open.
  • Goto Timestamp: Opens the Goto Timestamp dialog. This lets you find an event by timestamp.


Using the File -> Export menu item, you can export the view as text file. This can be used to compare traces (using a plain diff/merge tool), e.g., for debugging (compare the event order in two traces with different behavior) and for regression testing (does v1.2 behave the same as v1.1, if not, what differs?). All formatting and filtering used in the Event Log view is applied also in the Export function. This can be very powerful when comparing traces, as you can exclude irrelevant events and also the timestamps, e.g., if you wish to compare traces with small differences in timing.

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