Finder window


The Finder window lets you quickly find actor instances, kernel service calls and user events, using various filters. The Finder also lets you jump to a particular point in time.

Actor Instances Tab

The Actor Instances tab lets you find and follow actor instances matching various search criteria.

To the left is a list of actors in the trace where you can select which actors you want to find instances of. You can select multiple actors by holding down CTRL and clicking. When one or more actors are selected, the navigation buttons are enabled.

To the right is a filter which is enabled when a single actor is selected. Only instances where the values are between the "At Least" and "At Most" values are included in the search. By default, the boxes contain the lowest and highest value of all instances, so that all instances are included. Note that the filter is not available if selecting multiple actors.

Kernel Service Calls Tab

The Kernel Service Calls tab lets you find Kernel Service Call Events filtered by the actor in which they occur, the referenced kernel object and the called service.

To the left is a tree view in which you can select what you are interested in. Only calls by an actor that is selected in the tree view will be included in the search. By default all actors are selected. You also have to select an object or a service to get any matches. If one or more objects are selected, all calls manipulating a selected object will be matched. If you instead select one or more services, any call to a selected service will be matched. If you select both one or more objects and one or more services, only calls to a selected service manipulating a selected object will be matched.

To the right you have three checkboxes which allows you to further limit matched calls by only including blocking calls, non-blocking calls and/or timeouts.

User Events Tab

The User Events tab allows you to find user events. You can select which events you want to search for and in which actors you wish to search. Only events occurring in a selected actor will be included in the search.

Time Point Tab

The Time Point tab allows you to jump to a specific point in the trace by entering a timestamp and pressing enter.

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