Kernel Blocking Times


Select "Kernel Blocking Times" in the View menu to display all blocking kernel service calls in a plot. By blocking time, we mean the time between entry and return of blocking calls. Each data point represents a specific kernel service call, where the x-position indicates the point in time and the y-position the blocking time. Clicking a data point (a service call) will highlight it in the trace view. This can be used to identify unintentional blocking, e.g., on a Mutex, which could be a cause behind unusually high response times of tasks.

If accessed from the View menu of the main window, this view will plot all calls on any kernel object. You can bring up the view for a single object by right-clicking on a kernel service call in the trace view and selecting Blocking Time Graph from the [Object Name] submenu.

You can combine this view with other horizontal views by choosing Views -> Add -> (graph type).

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