Running On Linux


Tracealyzer for ThreadX can be run on Linux hosts via Mono. In order to start the application, run the following command.

mono TzForThreadX.exe


Mono is an open source .NET runtime, sponsored by Microsoft and available for several platforms, including Linux and Mac OS X. It is typically included in most Linux distributions, otherwise download and install the latest version. Make sure you have at least version 3.8 or later. Tracealyzer requires the WinForms and libgdiplus components. Tracealyzer is officially supported on Linux assuming a recent Mono version. It runs on Mac OS X as well, but this is not yet officially supported as of v3.1.1.

Older versions of Mono does not trust any SSL root certificates by default. This may cause problems with our on-line license activation service, resulting in error messages. If so, we recommend updating Mono to the latest version. Another solution is to use mozroots, a tool included with Mono. It imports all root certificates trusted by Firefox into Monos trusted certificate store. Please see the related Mono FAQ page for more information.

J-Link support

To use the integrated SEGGER J-Link support found in some versions of Tracealyzer, you will need to manually copy the file 99-jlink.rules into /etc/udev/rules.d and restart your host computer.

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