Scheduling Intensity


This view displays the amount of context switches over time. By default, it shows the whole trace divided into 100 intervals. For each time interval, a bar is drawn for each actor beginning or resuming execution at least once in that interval. The height of the bars represents the number of times that actor has begun or resumed execution in the given interval, i.e., the number of fragments of the actor.

The number of intervals can be controlled through the Resolution menu. You can click and drag to select an interval and use the Zoom or right click menu to zoom in on that selection, to show it in the trace view or to show it in all open views.

When zooming in the Scheduling Intensity view, the interval length decreases to show a more detailed graph. When zooming in a lot, or if your trace is short, you may therefore get empty space in the graph, corresponding to intervals where no context switches occur.

You can combine this view with other horizontal views by choosing Views -> Add -> (graph type).

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