FreeRTOS Logo FreeRTOS users, please check out the Quick Start Guide for FreeRTOS.

For further information on how to get started with Tracealyzer, please check the following resources:

Make sure to read the User Manual included with Tracealyzer (see the “Help” menu). In particular, the section Creating and Loading Traces.

If you have any questions, contact us at We really appreciate your feedback.

Make sure to visit the RTOS Debug Portal for blogs and white papers about RTOS-based firmware design and how Tracealyzer can assist your development.


Tracealyzer 4: A brief demonstration showing some (but not all) of the many new features.

Trace Visualization: Walk-trough of the visualization in the main trace view, what is displayed and how.

Navigate and Search: Explains the basic operation of the main trace view, including zooming, scrolling and finding relevant events.