Percepio Joins the Zephyr Project

Jan 13, 2022 |

Last summer, we added support for the open source Zephyr RTOS to Tracealyzer. Today, in recognition of the potential of Zephyr to become the leading independent platform for small IoT devices, Percepio joined the Zephyr Project as a Silver sponsor.

Percepio made significant contributions to the Zephyr source code, extending the tracing subsystem to allow full tracing of Zephyr applications in line with the capabilities of Tracealyzer. One main improvement added support for all types of kernel objects and events; all in all we spent three months to add more than 200 tracing hooks and several thousand lines of code.

The new tracing subsystem is available in Zephyr’s code repo from version 2.6. It is included in Zephyr RTOS downloads and developers who want to use Tracealyzer tracing can enable it in the Zephyr configuration dialog.

Read more about the Zephyr Project in their press release.