Success at ZF in adopting automotive software tracing

May 18, 2017 |

ZF using Tracealyzer for IntervalZero RTX64

Learn how ZF was able to improve their embedded software development by adopting Percepio Tracealyzer, the leading solution for RTOS-level trace analysis.

ZF is a global leader in automotive driveline and chassis technology, active and passive safety technology, and a long-time customer of IntervalZero – providing technology that turns the Windows operating system into a real-time operating system (RTOS). IntervalZero’s RTX64 supports multicore processors and also includes Percepio Tracealyzer.

Adopting Tracealyzer with the latest version of RTX64 has also allowed ZF engineers to expedite the migration of its legacy software to new hardware platforms and save many engineering hours in the field. Overall, the addition of Tracealyzer to ZF’s systems saved the organization considerable time and money across its machine automation operations.

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